Tuesday, January 1, 2013

More, Savior, Like Thee

New Year's!!! My favorite holiday. The excitement of Christmas still lingers as people aren't quite ready to take down trees and lights. And it's a day of new beginnings! Why is goal setting so important? I love to set goals and make plans; to me it is the truest form of repenting because we are making action plans to change and become more like our Savior. It is so important that we are constantly focusing on how we can better ourselves.

I love this song because to me it is a prayer to Heavenly Father asking Him to help us change. You can also look at it as a list of Resolutions. The final "more" sums it up...More, Savior, like thee.

More Holiness Give Me

More holiness give me,
More strivings within,
More patience in suff'ring,
More sorrow for sin,
More faith in my Savior,
More sense of his care,
More joy in his service,
More purpose in prayer.
More gratitude give me,
More trust in the Lord,
More pride in his glory,
More hope in his word,
More tears for his sorrows,
More pain at his grief,
More meekness in trial,
More praise for relief.
More purity give me,
More strength to o'ercome,
More freedom from earth-stains,
More longing for home.
More fit for the kingdom,
More used would I be,
More blessed and holy--
More, Savior, like thee.

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