Saturday, December 15, 2012

Mary, Did You Know?

Word on the street is Cee-Lo Green has a stunning rendition of "Mary Did You Know?" circulating the web. I actually got a chance to hear it at an adult learning class Sister Tauoa and I volunteered at this week, and again when a member played it for us at a lesson. I add my personal "Amen!" with the oohs-and-aahs to this out-of-character performance.

Back in my Deseret Book days, I was surrounded by amazing illustrations of Mary, Joseph, and Jesus. Unfortunately, I can't remember my favorite, but I do love the new Bible videos produced by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This screen-shot-edited photo is from a scene where the Wise Men bring gifts to the now toddler-aged Jesus.

I love the Mary in these videos. The actress really helps me ponder on what Mary must have felt and thought as she first heard the news that she would bring our Savior and Redeemer to this world. I often wonder, did Mary truly absolutely the events that would follow the birth of Jesus Christ?

Mary, Did you know

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