Thursday, July 12, 2012

When He Comes Again

My words this week are actually my mom's. I asked her to share with me her favorite song and why:

"Dear Daughter,
My favorite song is 'When He Comes Again.' I have always liked it as a child and even now because I often thought, what would the world be like when Christ came? I think of 3 Nephi when He blessed the little children and they looked into His face, and I always wanted to be one of those children. That thought never gets old, and I believe we all want to have that experience. It's not about the destination we all seek, but it is the journey and how we deal with situations that is more important because that will determine OUR Eternal Destination."

My mom has been through quite a lot on her "journey!" I have seen her positive attitude day after day, year after year, and she has inspired me to be a better woman and missionary. How beautiful will that day be when we can each individually look into our Savior's face and thank Him for giving us everything. I know that He lives and that His Church is on the Earth in its fullness.

When He Comes Again

I wonder, when he comes again,
Will herald angels sing?
Will earth be white with drifted snow,
Or will the world know spring?
I wonder if one star will shine
Far brighter than the rest;
Will daylight stay the whole night through?
Will songbirds leave their nests?
I’m sure he’ll call his little ones
Together ’round his knee,
Because he said in days gone by,
“Suffer them to come to me.”
2. I wonder, when he comes again,
Will I be ready there
To look upon his loving face
And join with him in prayer?
Each day I’ll try to do his will
And let my light so shine
That others seeing me may seek
For greater light divine.
Then, when that blessed day is here,
He’ll love me and he’ll say,
“You’ve served me well, my little child;
Come unto my arms to stay.”

Words and music: Mirla Greenwood Thayne, 1907–1997

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